Monday, August 2, 2010

The Secret Negotiation of EOTC in exile with Abune Paulos and its dangerous consequences

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Monday, August 2, 2010 at 12:15 a.m.
The Secret Negotiation of EOTC in exile with
Abune Paulos and its dangerous consequences
It is official now that Ethiopian Orthodox Tewhado Church in exile is planning to negotiate with Abune Paulos of Ethiopia as soon as today. There is no official information about the talking points for the negotiation from the parties. But reliable sources have indicated that there are several issues that are on the table. The main talking point is the possibility of the leadership of EOTC in exile to return to Ethiopia. There is a rumor concerning the health of Abune Paulos of Ethiopia. They say he is dying of liver cancer. This may or may not be true. But even if it is true, insiders say that EOTC leadership in exile should never consider, let alone negotiate, its return to Ethiopia without the knowledge and full backing of the Diaspora Tewahdo Christians and its supporters. According to insiders report, it looks like there are a few people in the ranks of the EOTC who are nagging the EOTC leadership to negotiate with Abune Paulos and discuss the prospect of its return to Ethiopia. There are three people within EOTC who are pushing for the talks ,according to the reliable sources, whose names we won’t publish at this time. These three people are forcing and twisting the arms of our right hand Abune Melketsedik, the EOTC secretary, to accept the negotiation. It looks like they are succeeding. And Abune Melketsedik has agreed to start the negotiation. These same three individuals were nagging the late Abune Zena Marcos of Seattle who passed away on February 13, 2010. They were pushing him to start the talks. But insiders say he gave them a definite and unambiguous ‘no’ to their request. He told them, “EOTC in exile will never do any negotiation or talks with Abune Paulos before our people make a decision to compromise with Abune Paulos or the current regime that illegally put Abune Paulos in charge of our church. and We don’t do such things behind our people’s back.” Most say that Abune Zena was our modern Abune Petros who loved his people and his country and sacrificed his life for the service of God in organizing our people here in the Diaspora. They further point out that he never did anything that we don’t know and don’t like. Now Abune Zena’s body is lying in the Mausoleum. Insiders say that the three ‘infiltrators’ in EOTC have succeeded in convincing the EOTC leadership to start talks with Abune Paulos. They say they even managed to delay the fundraising for the monastery planned to be built in the name of Abune Zena Marcos where his body was supposed to be laid at rest here in the Diaspora. These reliable sources are reporting that the issue of sending Abune Zena’s body to Ethiopia is also one of the agenda items on the table. They also indicated that the Meles regime along with Abune Paulos has been working on this highly funded strategy targeting the EOTC in exile for some time. They say the people who are pushing for the negotiation have been given a very generous financial incentive as part of the strategy by the Meles regime through Abune paulos, the regime’s patriarch head in Ethiopia. Church experts say that the consequences of this negotiation are extremely worrisome and fatal for the Diaspora Ethiopians who oppose the Meles regime in general and the Tewhado Orthodox Christians in particular. There is no doubt it will split the EOTC in exile into twoor more. They say it will give the best chance ever for the Meles regime and his right hand man in the church, Abune Paulos, to smash the more or less strong Diaspora movement against the Ethiopian regime. Many Ethiopian Orthodox TewhadoChristians in the Diaspora are voicing their strong opposition to this negotiation. They are calling for the immediate expulsion of the hired infiltrators and the suspension of this behind the scene secret negotiation.